The Kraken. Found. Real.

Well, sort of.

Photo Courtesy of the Discovery Channel

If you’re anything like us you probably very intrigued by giant squids. There have only been minimal television and video on this rarely seen marine species. We are always thrilled and amazed when such a creature is found and we are always excited knowing that there’s still so much to discover under the sea.

You won’t mistake this elusive creature for the common squid many of us see when diving. A giant squid can be 43 feet long, has 8 arms, 2 tentacles and eyes the size of basketballs! But since it resides in deep waters, it’s difficult  to  discover

How difficult is it to view a giant squid? We’ve got all you need right here. The Discovery Channel’s successful quest to learn more of this squid is typical of other attempts.

The Expedition 

It took them about 40 days to capture footage of the giant squid which included over 285 hours in depths of up to 3,000 feet.

Their crew in submersibles would dive for some hours and see nothing only to rise from the depths discouraged and on top of that, expectations were low.

Photo Courtesy of the Discovery Channel

The Find 

Hopes of finding a giant squid have been kept alive with remains of carcasses floating ashore, bits and pieces of squid in fishing nets and of course historical tales of monstrous beasts the size of islands.

The Discovery Channel video was the first of a giant squid ever captured of this animal in its natural habitat. Beautifully floating through the depths and feeling around the equipment and cameras.

Want more? We know you do…and with the unending need by scientists to explore the ocean’s depths; more will come.

Now, anyone wanna help us fund the mermaid expedition?

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  1. great post! We certainly didn’t missed it. Wish we could dive near them one of these days!

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