Problem With A Leaky Mask?


Problem With A Leaky Mask?

We have all had it happen at one time or another. A dive mask that leaks.

It could be one that was burrowed, rented or recently purchased but that constant distraction of continually having to clear your mask makes your dive uncomfortable. Water inside your mask also creates a distortion in viewing objects underwater which makes taking pictures a future exercise in editing or deleting. Salt water in your eyes stings and water in your nose can lead to coughing which is not fun at 60 feet.

So here are a few suggestions on how you can avoid this problem.


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2 Responses to Problem With A Leaky Mask?

  1. Achaladya says:

    Yes,Leaky snorkel mask can leads to many problems.Thank you to share your blog.

  2. peter says:

    Yes absolutely leaky mask may lead to serious problems like causing breathing problem when inside water.

    I enjoyed reading articles on suggestions to avoid leaky masks. Thanks for such a nice post. Looking forward for your next articles like this 🙂 Thanks in advance 🙂

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