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Giant Sharks Through Time

Giant Sharks Through Time    Great Whites are currently the largest predator shark on this water planet, but it hasn’t always been this way. The first large predator shark dates back to 100 million years ago back to the Cretaceous … Continue reading

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A Mermaid Minute: Linden Wolbert

‘Out of the sea… wish I could be… part of that, world…’ What if we told you we found a girl who longed to be part of the undersea world? Who quit her steady 9-5 to fulfill her dream of … Continue reading

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The Kraken. Found. Real.

Well, sort of. If you’re anything like us you probably very intrigued by giant squids. There have only been minimal television and video on this rarely seen marine species. We are always thrilled and amazed when such a creature is … Continue reading

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Favorite Sea Legends: The Kraken, Mermaids, and Sirens

It’s no secret we love all things ocean and sea legends just come with the territory. This week we are rounding up a few of our favorites: the Kraken, Sirens, and Mermaids. You may have heard of some of these … Continue reading

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