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Divers Involvement And Bonaire’s Coral Restoration Foundation

Divers Involvement, & Bonaire’s Coral Restoration Foundation You probably have heard or read where certain coral cover around the world has declined by some 85%. There are several factors that have led to many corals becoming endangered species around the … Continue reading

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Why QiGong On Bonaire?

Why QiGong On Bonaire? How do you define wellness? How is it beneficial to all we do? Do you practice it? We support all efforts to help divers enhance their skills and enjoy every underwater experience. But in our opinion, … Continue reading

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Destination Spotlight: Bonaire

Just 50 miles north of Venezuela and about 38 miles east of Curacao, lies a 24-mile long island with some of most beautiful and well protected dive sites in the world. We’re talking about Bonaire, of course. And if you … Continue reading

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Maduro Dive at Captain Don’s Habitat for Wounded Warriors

One week out of the year, Bonaire welcomes a group of Wounded Warriors to their beautiful paradise. From August 18-25th wounded veterans and their significant others come to Bonaire to complete their final step in obtaining their dive certifications and, … Continue reading

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Picture Yourself in Bonaire!

The growth of digital photography has changed everything, especially for recreational scuba divers (and Kodak shareholders). Seems not that long ago, underwater photography was a luxury. It cost a lot of money. The equipment was big and bulky.  And, most photographers relied on … Continue reading

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