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Diver Fashion: Why You Should Suit Up in Color

Recently we verified that almost a third of divers are female and an increasing percentage of women are being certified yearly. You would think with the growing number of ladies trading in their heels for fins, we would see some … Continue reading

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Up Close & Personal: the Galapagos

Courtesy of David Espinosa from Ever wish you could leap into the pages of your favorite diver magazines? You encounter breath-taking photos of sites you wish you could ditch work for on a daily basis. Accompanied by these photos … Continue reading

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Reef Safe Skin Care Products

Courtesy of Look and smell good in eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable skin products that are as good for you as the ocean, say what? Divers and ocean enthusiasts have always been conscious of their impact on the oceanĀ and marine life. … Continue reading

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Wonder what the top Five PADI specialty courses are?

It’s the start of the summer SCUBA diving season and many previously certified divers are looking to expand their diving knowledge and try some new experiences. One sure way to do this is through advanced or specialty courses. According to … Continue reading

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