What to Expect From Your First Liveaboard

I still remember the first time I decided to plunge into something new and book my first liveaboard charter.  None of my dive buddies wanted to join me, so I grabbed my gear and set sail alone. There are far too many places to discover in the world to pass this up!  I must admit that the excitement of exploring a new underwater environment was paired with a little fear of what I might encounter on my first ever liveaboard . I’m sharing my experiences with you all in the hopes that it will encourage you to try a liveaboard charter yourself!

Choosing the Right Liveaboard for Me

First thing I did was start looking into companies that offered liveaboard charters and, being a single female traveling alone decided that there were a few things that I absolutely had to have:

  • Hot showers after every dive
  • Private/semi-private cabin (I would be willing to share with another female)
  • My meals prepared for me (I do not cook willingly even at home)
  • Dive masters in the water and available for me to dive with
  • English speaking crew
  • Nitrox; as I was recently Nitrox certified and wanted to use it
On board the Maldives Aggressor.

On board the Maldives Aggressor.

So after checking out many different dive liveaboards with exciting destinations, I decided that the Aggressor Fleet offered all this and more. The booking procedure was easy and once handled, I was expertly guided to the Cayman Islands where I began my first of over 25 LiveAboard trips aboard the Aggressor and Dancer Fleets.

Travel Tip: There is no extra charge if you are willing to share a cabin with another passenger of the same gender,  but you can also get yourself a private cabin for a single supplement charge.

A Week Aboard a Resort Afloat


Courtesy of Dancer and Agressor Fleet

Every morning I woke up on top of some of the world’s best diving sites where I could experience multiple dives daily.  My relaxing charter vacation included personal touches like:

  • Delicious snacks between meals
  • Warm freshwater showers
  • Pampered service from an attentive crew
  • Fun with other divers onboard and more – all for a great price

Put simply, it was a week aboard a floating resort.

What to Look For

Knowledgeable Divemasters

When researching liveaboard charters, make sure they have divemasters that will accompany you on every dive and also offer instruction and guidance as needed. My charter had Divemasters, (who are also instructors) that accompanied me on every dive and were eager to help me locate resident critters for my prize-winning photographs. Which was great because I could snap my own version of those Dive Magazine photos I’m always gawking at.

All-Inclusive Packages

Try to find a liveaboard package that includes everything for you like: diving, deluxe accommodations, chef prepared meals, snacks, soft beverages, even local beer and wine so once you are aboard you literally have nothing to worry about.

Licensed and Trained Professionals

Dancer-Captain and Divers

Make sure your charter has licensed, professional trained mariners. They should also be equipped with safety equipment. The Aggressor yacht that I booked had an expert crew and was equipped with extensive safety equipment, making me feel a little better about traveling on my own.

Eco-friendly Living and Diving

Marine conservation is key for me. So one of my criteria for choosing a charter was that they would be environmentally friendly. That’s another reason why I went with Aggressor and Dancer Fleet.  Many of their dives are conducted within marine sanctuaries and UNESCO World Heritage locations.  This enables pristine diving now and measures to ensure it remains the same for future divers.

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Sharon Connor

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2 Responses to What to Expect From Your First Liveaboard

  1. Howard Ducherer says:

    I am interested in a live aboard, my wife does not dive, but would like to come with me on the liveaboard. What kind of price is she looking at as non diving passenger. We are interested in the Cayman Island in December 2013 or March of 2014.

  2. LARRY KNOWLES says:

    We have considered a liveaboard and our concerns are: 1. Being at sea for 7 days. (may try Thailand or Australia for 5 day trip.)

    2. We only like to dive 2 dives a day, 3 max. Not sure if that is a good value and if we will get bored.

    3. Would try a liveaboard if they make a few land pit stops.

    Your thoughts??

    Larry Knowles

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